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Fuse Transact: How It Works

Videos March 18, 2022

By: Fuse
2 minute read

In this Fuse Transact demo video, see firsthand how Fuse Transact works. Alan Krutsch, Director OEM and Industry Relations at Fuse Autotech, walks us through the complete experience in five quick steps.

With Fuse Transact, your team can sell and finance a vehicle all from a single screen. Fuse Transact is an in-store application that offers car dealers the opportunity to solve the decades-long dissatisfaction customers have with the car buying process.

Fuse Transact eliminates long customer wait times caused by finance teams needing to access at least 15 different systems during the average transaction. Dealers who leverage Fuse Transact provide a customer experience that’s at least six months ahead of anything else on the market.

With Fuse Transact dealers are able to serve customers more efficiently and turn over inventory faster — earning better allocation from manufacturers. 

The Fuse platform replaces clunky, disconnected manual processes with an evolved car financing experience.


Step 1: Select a Vehicle

The majority of today’s customers come into the showroom with an idea of what they want. Perhaps it’s a blue crossover with a good crash safety rating for the family; or a red sports car with a V8 engine. But if your store doesn’t have what they want in stock, what then? 

Fuse enables dealerships to sell a vehicle as if it is already part of their inventory. Working with a single person throughout the transaction, customers can select their interior and exterior preferences and order the vehicle for delivery.

Step 2: Customize Payment and Options

With Fuse, customers see exactly how a payment can be adjusted to their unique situation. This provides customers full transparency into how a deal is made, based on:

  • Trade-in value
  • Lease type
  • Credit (estimate or soft pull)
  • Insurance
  • Rebates
  • Address (for tax purposes)

Step 3: Submit a Credit Application

On the same screen, a customer can complete and eSign a credit application with lending partners. 

As the video demonstrates, submission, processing, and approval take less than 15 seconds. When compared to the five hours required for the typical transaction of a new or used vehicle — customers are now able to purchase a car in less than one hour.

Step 4: Upload and eSign Documents

Fuse removes the need to gather and customize contracts for each individual customer. After setting pre-qualification parameters, dealerships can generate customized contracts on-demand.

Additional documents such as driver's licenses and proof of income can also be uploaded into the Fuse platform. Built-in eSign allows for transactions to close even faster. 

Step 5: Deal Approval and Internal DMS Review

Fuse Transact represents a true evolution in the car buying process. In as little as ten minutes, a deal can be approved and ready to close.

Ready to establish a fast, scalable transaction model for your dealership? Take us for a test drive today and schedule a demo.

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Streamlined, sleek, and incredibly fast, Fuse is your all-in-one solution to selling cars in-store and online in 30 minutes or less.


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